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Job offers for today
Jobs for today
We found work for so many employees
So many satisfied customers

How do we work?

Our diagram is very simple.

If you do not have a job or are thinking about changing it, just leave us a contact to yourself.
Our consultant will contact you by phone and interview you. You guys are gonna talk to each other for a second.
She will ask you about your education, your professional experience, what you would like to do, where to work and how much you earn?
It is extremely important for us to get to know your needs and expectations very well, so that you are satisfied with the job we find for you.
The satisfaction of our employees is a priority for us! Thanks to it we know that we have met your expectations and that you will recommend us to your family or friends.

Once we have the necessary information about you, our next department compares it with the job offers we have in our database or starts looking for a job especially for you.
We have a huge database of employers who are currently looking for new employees or will need them in the near future. Every day we update it and gain new offers for our employees.
Only when we find at least 3 job offers for you we contact you by phone and present them to you. We give you the possibility to choose one or reject all of them without any consequences. You don’t have to do it right away, you have time to make a decision.
If you like any of the offers and decide to take up this job, we start all the necessary actions. We will help you with everything you need to start the work you have chosen.

And we do all this for FREE! We do not charge you any fees at all.

We have offers from all over Poland:

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We have the most job offers in these industries:

Construction industry
Furniture industry

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